Explore the world’s bioenergy power plants in 2022

Human use of biomass dates to the controlled use of fire at least 1 million years ago. The use of energy of biological origin to generate electricity (biopower) is a relatively recent phenomenon. One of the earliest biopower plants was the São José da Estiva power station in Brazil that started operation in 1900.1

A surge in Biopower in the 2000s centered on the use of sugar cane pulp (bagasse) in Brazil; the use of wood and municipal solid waste in Europe; and the use of crop residues (e.g., rice husks) in China. As of January 2023, the largest biopower plant in operation is the 260 MW Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill power station in Finland that uses both solid and gaseous fuels derived from trees.1


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1 Global Bioenergy Power Tracker, Global Energy Monitor, January 2023 release, https://globalenergymonitor.org/projects/global-bioenergy-power-tracker/

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