All the data, visualizations, and articles are free and open source. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Users have permission to use, distribute, and reproduce the data, visualizations, and articles provided the source and authors are credited.

We integrate data from multiple sources, including (i) national, regional, state, and city government databases; (ii) authors of peer-reviewed academic journal articles; (iii)  research institutes, NGOs, trade organizations, and other sources whose work is sufficiently transparent to judge quality and independence; and (iv) emerging public, not-for-profit datasets related to electric vehicles, rooftop solar, climate impacts, etc.

Our content is produced entirely by faculty, staff, and students in the Institute for Global Sustainability, the Department of Earth and Environment, and other academic units at Boston University.

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Yes! We are eager to expand the audience and impact of your work at the intersection of energy, climate, equity, and health. Do you have data that tell a great story? Contact us to explore collaboration.

Below each visualization applicable, an HTML embed code is available to be copied. Place this HTML code into the appropriate location on your website and the visualization will appear as it does on the Visualizing Energy site. The live interactive visualizations are housed on the Flourish platform. Please reach out for additional information on this topic.

Below each visualization applicable, there is a clickable link that allows for the download of the associated metadata, data, and PNG (or GIF). Please contact us if you would like a customized version of a visualization. 

If the PNG/GIF button below the visualization is not the one you would like to save, you are welcome to take a screenshot of the visualization if it includes the Visualizing Energy logo and the sources in the footer. 


Secondly, you can also contact our team at VE at vizen@bu.edu and we can create a PNG or GIF for the particular visualization you are looking for.

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